Embedded systems

The demand for smart electronic devices is relentlessly rising.

OXIGENT provides software and electronic hardware product development services, including product definition, electronics hardware design, PCB design and layout, firmware development, custom software development, FPGA/gateware development, and manufacturing support.

Our team provides innovative solutions across a wide range of industries. Most of the time, solutions that have been tried and tested in one industry provide an innovative approach in another one.

Fullstack development

Our development Team will provide you with effective solutions that are tailored just to fit for your business.

OXIGENT consultants bring experience both in Back-End and Front-End Development. That means, on one side, building the applications, process, and business logic (.NET, Java, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, etc.) to receive information from the front end and translate that information into various database systems, as well as building a responsive site (Angular, React, View, html, CSS etc.) that brings the user experience to life across browsers and mobile devices.

Mobile development

Mobile applications enable products, services and brands to be easily distributed to customers.

OXIGENT Consultants have a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies to develop mobile websites and mobile web applications, making effective use of screen real estate on smart phones or other mobile devices. We bring expertise in Android, iOS, Marmalade, PhoneGap etc.

Manual / Automated testing

OXIGENT provides both manual/automation testing services for functional and UI testing needs.

OXIGENT teams participate in testing activities from test plan creation to post-production support, bringing a unique blend of testing processes, tools , and technology expertise to ensure that the delivered product is defect free in an accelerated time frame. Trough automated test, you will get better quality software, higher testing speed, and reduced downtime.

Continuous Delivery / Continuous Deployment

Our Consultants can help you to improve quality and time-to-market for your software development through continuous integration set-up or optimisation.

CI/CD goes hand in hand with agile development, which aims to deliver working code as early and as frequently as possible. You will get automatic software build and deployment to the source repository, through specific tools (Jenkins, TFS, etc.) to compile, build and deploy the software, and to eventually trigger automated test, that will be forwarded to the corresponding project stakeholders.

Our Consultants are competent across all Industry Domains

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